Purse/handbag Cake on Cake Central

Purse/handbag Cake

By dreamer61352

Purse/handbag Cake I wanted to try a cake from one of my books. This one of from Confetti Cakes. I made a few changes in color and design...

Bag Cake W/pearls on Cake Central

Bag Cake W/pearls

By ysa

Bag Cake W/pearls my client called me and told me she wants that bag by confetti cakes..so i made her one...just sad the pic is a little...

Chocolate Scrolls on Cake Central

Chocolate Scrolls

By Jenn2179

Chocolate Scrolls #3 of 5 cakes for the bridal show based in a cake in Confetti Cakes book.

Can You See Me Now ? on Cake Central

Can You See Me Now ?

By vescakes07

Can You See Me Now ? Camo hat for birthday of man who likes to hunt. 8 inch chocolate cake covered in fondant. Fondant leaves, buttercream...

Party On A Plate on Cake Central

Party On A Plate

By sandygirl

Party On A Plate I did this for a New Years Eve party, but it would be great for a birthday. I wanted it to look like the cake had been set...

Purse Cookies on Cake Central

Purse Cookies

By chicapastel

Purse Cookies Sugar cookies with Sugar Glaze. Details in Fondant and Chocolate Paste. Inspired by Confetti Cakes.

Confetti Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Confetti Birthday Cake

By trishgordon

Confetti Birthday Cake Had to make a cake for both a 40th and an 8th birthday - confetti cake fits the bill. BC covered cake with gumpaste...

Elmo Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Elmo Birthday Cake

By Karabear1125

Elmo Birthday Cake This was made for my son's 2nd birthday.. the look on his face when he first saw it was just priceless and made it all...

Fifty Is Nifty on Cake Central

Fifty Is Nifty

By kcat3740

Fifty Is Nifty all buttercream. customer had date wrong - paid for cake and gave to fire station to eat and ordered a different cake for...

Elmo Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Elmo Birthday Cake

By Sherry0565

Elmo Birthday Cake Elmo cake made for a 2 year old that luvs her Melmo...LOL...

Blue Fondant Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Blue Fondant Birthday Cake

By jescapades

Blue Fondant Birthday Cake i made this cake for my mom for her birthday. she's in a movie club and one of her friends ordered it for their...

Hannah Montana Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

By jackie64

Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

Go Diego Go on Cake Central

Go Diego Go

By starlitexprss

Go Diego Go Using several cakes on here as inspiration...as well as techniques outlined in The Whimsical Bakehouse, I created this cake for...

Img_8012.jpg on Cake Central


By robinscakes

Img_8012.jpg Sweet 16 cake. Tiara is done in silver buttercream with sugar pearls on top, and topped with sparkles. Other decorations done...

Confetti Cakes Purse Cake on Cake Central

Confetti Cakes Purse Cake

By lilthorner

Confetti Cakes Purse Cake cake is about 8x5 and 7 inches tall

Baby Blanket on Cake Central

Baby Blanket

By redbird

Baby Blanket Chocolate ganache, vinyl baby, fondant blanket with royal accents, and Wilton's Jumbo Confetti for the circles on the...

Purse Cake on Cake Central

Purse Cake

By simplye

Purse Cake Based on Elisa Strauss purse cake on the cover of CONFETTI CAKES and a Celine purse the client liked

Sienna Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Sienna Birthday Cake

By Nunuk

Sienna Birthday Cake Cake Inspiration from Elisa Strauss...

Spring Dot Cake on Cake Central

Spring Dot Cake

By ericablondegirl

Spring Dot Cake Client requested a simple spring cake, and this was my interpretation. Chocolate Buttermilk cake with white chocolate cream...

Giant Cupcake on Cake Central

Giant Cupcake

By Chericakes

Giant Cupcake This is a giant cupcake cake which I made for my son't girlfriend. I used the Wilton giant cupcake pan...

Shopper's 40Th Birthday on Cake Central

Shopper's 40Th Birthday

By ps3884

Shopper's 40Th Birthday This was made for a 40th birthday for a woman who loves to shop and likes cosmopolitan's. The design was inspired...

Kayci's High School Musical Cake on Cake Central

Kayci's High School Musical Cake

By gucci

Kayci's High School Musical Cake This is my first time using homemade MMF. The curtain is fondant and gum paste mixed together. I made the...

Seashell Cupcakes on Cake Central

Seashell Cupcakes

By susgene

Seashell Cupcakes White cake cupcakes with gumpaste seashells for a wedding party. They were put on a bed of brown sugar to look like a...

Flip-Flop Beach Cupcakes on Cake Central

Flip-Flop Beach Cupcakes

By susgene

Flip-Flop Beach Cupcakes Flip-flop cupcakes for a wedding party. Yellow cupcakes with buttercream under brown sugar and gumpaste flip-flops...

Cookiemonster B-Day on Cake Central

Cookiemonster B-Day

By dakjack

Cookiemonster B-Day Confetti cake covered in buttercream, with cookie crisp cereal and...

Baby Blocks on Cake Central

Baby Blocks

By Moniquea

Baby Blocks My first baby shower :) Its the Confetti Cakes baby blocks cake. I did my best to recreate it. Orange white sour cream cake...