Leighanne on Cake Central


By Biscat

Leighanne I have decided to start naming my cakes after the people they are made for, so meet Leighanne. :) This is a confetti cake with...

Flower Power on Cake Central

Flower Power

By phoohbear

Flower Power I think this is one of my favoret cakes to date. It is just so bright and cheery. It was my take on one of the wilton yearbook...

Stripes & Polka Dots on Cake Central

Stripes & Polka Dots

By 2muchsugar

Stripes & Polka Dots Replica of a Confetti Cakes design. It was great practice with regard to borderless tiers! Everything fondant with...

Susan on Cake Central


By peacockplace

Susan This huge cake was SO time consuming... but I like how it came out. It is white cake with bavarian cream filling. MMF frosting and...

Halloween Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Halloween Birthday Cake

By VickiC

Halloween Birthday Cake Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and icing for a 6 year old girl's birthday. Ghosts are made of...

Ghostly Cake With Pumpkin on Cake Central

Ghostly Cake With Pumpkin

By VickiC

Ghostly Cake With Pumpkin Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and icing. Confetti ghosts around the top and bottom border. Mini-...

Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Wedding Cake

By springlakecake

Wedding Cake My 3rd wedding cake! The design comes from the Confetti Cakes book by Elisa Strauss. It is decorated in fondant with royal...

Cake For Cousins! on Cake Central

Cake For Cousins!

By babyhugs

Cake For Cousins! This one was made for cousins that were both celebrating this first birthday. We did each side a little different so pics...

Confetti Cake on Cake Central

Confetti Cake

By weirkd

Confetti Cake I saw on a forum that someone wanted to know how to do the flowers on a cake that was done by Confetti Cakes. I thought it...

Clothesline Baby Shower Cake on Cake Central

Clothesline Baby Shower Cake

By berniel

Clothesline Baby Shower Cake NFSC with Toba Garret's icing for cookie decorations on cake. Inspiration came from Elisa Strauss Confetti...

Stacked Chocolate Desserts on Cake Central

Stacked Chocolate Desserts

By FondantFlinger

Stacked Chocolate Desserts This cake was an entry at the Chocolate Lovers' Fling and it took 1st! :) Chocolate cake made with coffee filled...

Happy New Year! on Cake Central

Happy New Year!

By itsacake

Happy New Year! This cake was inspired by a design by Rhianydd Easton in the Winter 2003/2004 issue of Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine. It...

Wedding Dress on Cake Central

Wedding Dress

By micfish

Wedding Dress Not sure if anyone else has tried this design but it ended up being alot easier than i expected and everyone loved it! It is...

Isn't She Sweet! on Cake Central

Isn't She Sweet!

By aptarpley

Isn't She Sweet! "Isn't She Sweet!" was the theme of this little one's party. It is iced in buttercream with fondant lollipops, ribbon...

Randee on Cake Central


By peacockplace

Randee This is based on a cake from confetti cakes. This is the back. The lighting's not great, but I loved this cake.

Candy! on Cake Central


By cherrycakes

Candy! 6" & 8" Confetti cake with MFF and covered in various candies. Lots of fun making this! TFL!

Margaret's Graduation on Cake Central

Margaret's Graduation

By Michele25

Margaret's Graduation For a girl's high school graduation party; 2-11x15" confetti cakes joined together, and decorated in buttercream.

Take Out Box Drawing on Cake Central

Take Out Box Drawing

By jnestor

Take Out Box Drawing I made the chinese take out box from the Confetti Cakes book (I didn't take a picture of it, don't know what I was...

Green Scroll/vines Cake (Design By Confetti Cakes) on Cake Central

Green Scroll/vines Cake (Design By Confetti Cakes)

By antonia74

Green Scroll/vines Cake (Design By Confetti Cakes)

Black And White Sex And The City Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Black And White Sex And The City Wedding Cake

By sweetbabycake

Black And White Sex And The City Wedding Cake My friend was getting married and I knew exactly what cake she would want. She is an avid Sex...

Wine Bottle Cake on Cake Central

Wine Bottle Cake

By homemaluhia

Wine Bottle Cake Thanks to CCer's krabbykatie, nunuk, breezy522, koryAK, and especiallay bbarnes for their time to share hints and their...

Zoo Themed Present Cake on Cake Central

Zoo Themed Present Cake

By thumbs

Zoo Themed Present Cake This was for a little guys 1st birthday cake. I used the book Confetti Cakes for Kids to get the idea and...

Michigan State Ball Cap on Cake Central

Michigan State Ball Cap

By springlakecake

Michigan State Ball Cap Spartan's cap for a neighbor's birthday. He is an alumni and fan of Michigan State. He also coaches T-ball so I...

Fondant Handbag Cookies on Cake Central

Fondant Handbag Cookies

By osorio

Fondant Handbag Cookies Everything is fonadant. Took ideas from a couple of books like the "Confetti Cakes" and the "The Flour Pot Cookie...

Shoe Box & Shoe on Cake Central

Shoe Box & Shoe

By cinjam

Shoe Box & Shoe Finally had an opportunity to try to make a GP shoe. I followed the directions in the Confetti Cakes book. Cake is 12 x 9,...

Wine Bottle In A Crate on Cake Central

Wine Bottle In A Crate

By SweetTater

Wine Bottle In A Crate Check out my picture tutorial for this cake on facebook: search "Celebrate with cake and more" Everything is edible...