Dice on Cake Central


By Anonymous

Dice A pair of dice cakes made from cream cheese chocolate chip poundcake, iced with Italian meringue buttercream and enhanced with white...

Susan on Cake Central


By peacockplace

Susan This huge cake was SO time consuming... but I like how it came out. It is white cake with bavarian cream filling. MMF frosting and...

Mmf Heart Cutout Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Mmf Heart Cutout Birthday Cake

By ntertayneme

Mmf Heart Cutout Birthday Cake I made this cake for my neighbor's wife... it is a white cake that I added some edible confetti bits to (...

Leighanne on Cake Central


By Biscat

Leighanne I have decided to start naming my cakes after the people they are made for, so meet Leighanne. :) This is a confetti cake with...

Happy New Year! on Cake Central

Happy New Year!

By itsacake

Happy New Year! This cake was inspired by a design by Rhianydd Easton in the Winter 2003/2004 issue of Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine. It...

Dump Truck Cake on Cake Central

Dump Truck Cake

By pandora3799

Dump Truck Cake This was my first attempt at a half sheet cake. Boy, it is a lot harder to do than a little 8 inch round! The BCT is MUCK...

Confetti on Cake Central


By sunlover00

Confetti Just a simple confetti cake - the way the groceries do it. The writing in gel began to melt because I used the pre-colored gels in...

Baby Shower Bct on Cake Central

Baby Shower Bct

By southernbelle

Baby Shower Bct Confetti Cake with bc icing. BCT from napkins to complete the theme. Will never do a bct this small and detailed again!!

Confetti Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Confetti Birthday Cake

By allissweets

Confetti Birthday Cake

Halloween Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Halloween Birthday Cake

By VickiC

Halloween Birthday Cake Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and icing for a 6 year old girl's birthday. Ghosts are made of...

Ghostly Cake With Pumpkin on Cake Central

Ghostly Cake With Pumpkin

By VickiC

Ghostly Cake With Pumpkin Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling and icing. Confetti ghosts around the top and bottom border. Mini-...

Princess Cupcakes on Cake Central

Princess Cupcakes

By farney0125

Princess Cupcakes Confetti cupcakes with buttercream frosting....these were extras to the castle cake.

Pink Confetti Cupcakes on Cake Central

Pink Confetti Cupcakes

By boonenati

Pink Confetti Cupcakes Pink buttercream with sprinkles and fondant streamers

General Birthday-For Male on Cake Central

General Birthday-For Male

By sweetcreation

General Birthday-For Male Just a general birthday decoration. Balloon border with icing confetti look on top. I was pleased with the bold...

Spiderman/venom Cake on Cake Central

Spiderman/venom Cake

By KHalstead

Spiderman/venom Cake Another spiderman bust cake, only my nephew requested a venom cake which I guess is Spiderman's nemesis.....however I...

30Th Cake on Cake Central

30Th Cake

By pinkflamingo

30Th Cake Stacked squares iced in buttercream with fondant bow on top.

My Brothers B Day Cake on Cake Central

My Brothers B Day Cake

By meghan89

My Brothers B Day Cake My brother is a photographer, so I wanted to make him this cake! It was inspired by Confetti Cakes, I love there...

Dora & Zoe Ice Cream Cake on Cake Central

Dora & Zoe Ice Cream Cake

By jlh

Dora & Zoe Ice Cream Cake Twin girls' ice cream birthday cake. Confetti cake with bubble gumball ice cream. Whipped cream icing, FBCT....

Confetti Work on Cake Central

Confetti Work

By alracntna

Confetti Work

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake


Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake I made this for my dd's 4th birthday. One layer was strawberry cake and the other was confetti cake . I...

Another Confetti on Cake Central

Another Confetti

By alracntna

Another Confetti

Spongebob on Cake Central


By Puddiwop

Spongebob This is a confetti cake with bc icing that my daughter ask me to make for her friends 18th birthday. The image was transferred on...

Giant Cupcake on Cake Central

Giant Cupcake

By Birdlady

Giant Cupcake This is a double layered 12" round cake. The sides were just built up with buttercream and angled the spatula to give it the...

Balloons And Confetti on Cake Central

Balloons And Confetti

By alracntna

Balloons And Confetti

Winter Confetti on Cake Central

Winter Confetti

By LoriannaN

Winter Confetti We used to do this one all the time at Publix bakery. Airbrushed effects with "silly string" sides as confetti. A simple...

Xylophone on Cake Central


By Renuka

Xylophone Everthing is made of fondant, except for the stick and string. I drew the music notes onto the sides. The confetti is store...