Chopper on Cake Central


By cjf

Chopper This cake is supported with an internal structure of dowels and metal. Front to back, this cake measured 36".

Duck on Cake Central


By cjf

Duck This cake has an internal support structure using a wooden dowel attached by a screw to the baseboard and another piece of wood at the...

Shopping Cake on Cake Central

Shopping Cake

By stary80

Shopping Cake I really love this cake, even though it's sideways. My shopaholic roommate insisted on having angel food cake and a cream...

Elmo on Cake Central


By Kitagrl

Elmo This cake looked fine...until I moved it! :-( The arms are just icing and one side fell almost completely off! I fixed it for now but...

Jeep Wrangler on Cake Central

Jeep Wrangler

By saramama4

Jeep Wrangler This cake was actually quite easy....I just baked the cake in a bread pan, and then cut and stacked the cake to make the...

Little Einsteins on Cake Central

Little Einsteins

By Kitagrl

Little Einsteins Thanks to Zaleski2 for inspiring the ball/round/twinkie structure of this! I threw this together real quick for my son's...

Farewell Bubble Staff on Cake Central

Farewell Bubble Staff

By fmandds

Farewell Bubble Staff Made this for a staff party for a recreation center that is known as the Bubble, hence the structure. The bubble...

My First And Only Rolled Fondant Cake on Cake Central

My First And Only Rolled Fondant Cake

By berryblondeboys

My First And Only Rolled Fondant Cake I made this cake before knowing HALF of what I know now. Like, I didn't tint my "glue" frosting to...

Teapot on Cake Central


By AuntBarra

Teapot My inspiration was from Collette Peter's. I am so fasinated by the structure of the whimsical cake. This was for a lady's networking...

Husbands Toyota Matrix Bday Cake on Cake Central

Husbands Toyota Matrix Bday Cake

By aCaker

Husbands Toyota Matrix Bday Cake My husband loves his car so I made it for his Birthday! This is my first structure cake and the first time...

Attempt At Pillow on Cake Central

Attempt At Pillow

By nrctermite

Attempt At Pillow UBC, BC under Rhonda's UMMF with lemon filling. Yummy cake, terrible structure! But fun to try, I'll attempt another one...

Three Amigos on Cake Central

Three Amigos

By Ximenilla

Three Amigos All the figures are hand molded out of sugar. The tree had a 20 gauge structure to be able to hold the branches...

Bassinet For A "curling" Mom-To-Be on Cake Central

Bassinet For A "curling" Mom-To-Be

By BlakesCakes

Bassinet For A "curling" Mom-To-Be Last minute request for a shower cake for a 1st time mom who is an amateur curling buff--hence the...

Bridal Dress Cake With 2 Present Cakes - Main Picture on Cake Central

Bridal Dress Cake With 2 Present Cakes - Main Picture

By tanyacakes

Bridal Dress Cake With 2 Present Cakes - Main Picture Bride ordered a replica of her dress and 2 present cakes. The bodice(from waist up)...

Carousel With Horses And Unicorns on Cake Central

Carousel With Horses And Unicorns

By spohnj

Carousel With Horses And Unicorns This is a 2 tier unicorn and horse carousel cake. Everything is edible. The horses/unicorns are printed...

Marauding_Meaghen_Pirate_Hideo.jpg on Cake Central


By Wendl

Marauding_Meaghen_Pirate_Hideo.jpg I made this for a girl's 9th birthday, who loves New Orleans & pirates, what better than to make Lafitte...

Topsy Turvy Class on Cake Central

Topsy Turvy Class

By klundberg

Topsy Turvy Class My first topsy-turvy cake from class. I am not thrilled with the way they wanted us to decorate them, but I am happy that...

Noah's Arc on Cake Central

Noah's Arc

By Shannon36

Noah's Arc Inspired by bmote1's cake. I just had to try. It was so much fun. All edible except house structure. I used foam core. Chocolate...

Zombie on Cake Central


By mamacc

Zombie This was my first time building a pvc structure...(thanks for the help, Doug) I really like how sturdy the cake was using this...

Hiking And Biking! on Cake Central

Hiking And Biking!

By Berecca

Hiking And Biking! I sculpted a 6" and 9" cake to make this hiking cake. My husband actually worked out the structure of the spiral on...

Star Wars Death Star on Cake Central

Star Wars Death Star

By nancys_world

Star Wars Death Star This cake was a challenge. It was actually a grooms cake. The grooms brother constructed the support structure for me...

Cinderella on Cake Central


By TJCanadian

Cinderella PVC pipe structure, cinderella's torso is modeling chocolate. Head is styrofoam. Under the skirt is cherry chip cake with white...

Boy's Transformers Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Boy's Transformers Birthday Cake

By blueangel174

Boy's Transformers Birthday Cake My sister and I made this cake for her son's 5th birthday. It is all BC. Transformers structure on top of...

Lennoxs_Cake_Cake_Central.jpg on Cake Central


By bejewelled

Lennoxs_Cake_Cake_Central.jpg I made this cake for my little boys 2nd birthday. We had way too much cake to eat, but I enjoyed making it,...

County Fair Entry 2008 on Cake Central

County Fair Entry 2008

By TJCanadian

County Fair Entry 2008 Wish me luck, I turn this in tuesday for the local county fair. There is cake underneath the bull and cake in his...

Topsy Turvy Flower Cake on Cake Central

Topsy Turvy Flower Cake

By ninalou

Topsy Turvy Flower Cake I made this for my own birthday. Inspiration from a cake designed by Lindy Smith...