Drip Cake on Cake Central

Drip Cake

By kim_g

Drip Cake Vanilla buttercream with a while chocolate drip.

Wolf Cake on Cake Central

Wolf Cake

By CakesbyCorrine

Wolf Cake Wolf howling at the moon. Modeling chocolate wolf and moon. Palette painted buttercream cake.

Toilet Paper And Poop Emoji on Cake Central

Toilet Paper And Poop Emoji

By hatchettgirl

Toilet Paper And Poop Emoji Buttercream cake - no fondant. Modeling chocolate for the center of the roll.

Baa Baa Black Sheep Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Baa Baa Black Sheep Birthday Cake

By TDBulldog

Baa Baa Black Sheep Birthday Cake Buttercream with gumpaste bags of wool and daffodils. Used the piece from the bottom of the ball cake,...

Snow White Cale on Cake Central

Snow White Cale

By Sadie_vanroie

Snow White Cale Snow white cake. Buttercream icing and chocolate melt for flowers

Megamind Brithday Cake on Cake Central

Megamind Brithday Cake

By DahneALaw

Megamind Brithday Cake Red velvet cake and buttercream frosting for a big fan of Megamind.

Cornelius Robinson on Cake Central

Cornelius Robinson

By DahneALaw

Cornelius Robinson Birthday Cake, lemon cake, buttercream frosting.

Galaxy Cake on Cake Central

Galaxy Cake

By Purplepeachcakes

Galaxy Cake 6” galaxy themed cake, “painted” with buttercream. Toppers are melted hard candies poured over ice

Princess Cake on Cake Central

Princess Cake

By maudie21

Princess Cake Princess cake I made for my Granddaughter. Since we couldn't have a big party, only one tier was an actual cake. The cake was...

Flower Garden on Cake Central

Flower Garden

By janet46

Flower Garden Vanilla bean cake with fresh strawberry filling and buttercream frosting.

Batman Cupcakes on Cake Central

Batman Cupcakes

By janet46

Batman Cupcakes Vanilla bean cupcakes with buttercream frosting and chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Avengers on Cake Central


By janet46

Avengers Vanilla bean cake with buttercream frosting. 5 year old boy asked for an Avenger cake. His favorite character was Captain America...

Jackpot Machine on Cake Central

Jackpot Machine

By lilym

Jackpot Machine 8 inch cake buttercream filling.

Christening/baptism on Cake Central


By lilym

Christening/baptism 4 inch cake covered in fondant, 8 inch cake covered in pink buttercream. Gum paste roses.

Cookie Monster on Cake Central

Cookie Monster

By GaPeach2430139

Cookie Monster All buttercream

Red, Black & White Sweet 16 on Cake Central

Red, Black & White Sweet 16

By GaPeach2430139

Red, Black & White Sweet 16 Red, Black & White Sweet 16 Fondant and buttercream

Ga Tech Football on Cake Central

Ga Tech Football

By GaPeach2430139

Ga Tech Football Georgia Tech football and helmet fondant and buttercream and rice krispy treats

It’S A Girl! Rosettes on Cake Central

It’S A Girl! Rosettes

By GaPeach2430139

It’S A Girl! Rosettes Buttercream. Rosettes. Simple but sweet.

Logging Birthday on Cake Central

Logging Birthday

By GaPeach2430139

Logging Birthday Logging cake. Fondant and buttercream

Hello Kitty on Cake Central

Hello Kitty

By GaPeach2430139

Hello Kitty Fondant and buttercream. Hello Kitty birthday

Army Tank on Cake Central

Army Tank

By GaPeach2430139

Army Tank Camo army tank. All buttercream and cookies and candy.

Pink Ombré on Cake Central

Pink Ombré

By GaPeach2430139

Pink Ombré Buttercream

Minion on Cake Central


By GaPeach2430139

Minion Minion freehand. Buttercream.

Mickey Mouse on Cake Central

Mickey Mouse

By GaPeach2430139

Mickey Mouse Fondant and buttercream

Carved Butterfly on Cake Central

Carved Butterfly

By GaPeach2430139

Carved Butterfly Butterfly, carved with buttercream.

Rustic Wedding on Cake Central

Rustic Wedding

By GaPeach2430139

Rustic Wedding Rustic. Buttercream. Outdoor wedding.