Classic Pooh Diaper Bag

Classic Pooh Diaper Bag on Cake Central

This is diaper bag cake I made for my niece's friend's baby shower. I was a little dissappointed w/ their lack-luster reaction (sorry, it's the whiner in me lol) but I was really happy w/ it before that. It's made w/ a 12x18 dk.choc.fudge cake &choc.Buttercream, covered in Rhonda's MMF and decorated w/ buttercream. What do you think, Honestly please...

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I love it, classic winnie the pooh is one of my favorite themes. I understand the dissapointing reactions but don't worry, I think it's great!


I think your cake is amazing and I sometimes think that people don't really understand how truly time consuming and difficult cake decorating is. People seem to quickly assume that we wouldn't decorate cakes if it weren't easy for us. They really just don't understand that no matter how enjoyable it might be for those who like cake decorating, it is never easy especially if you are a perfectionist like me.


Honestly? I love it! And I love the texture of Winnie against the MMF. Looks like a proper old fashioned teddy bear! Well done.