Dr. Seuss/ Cat In The Hat Cake

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My 1st "OUTSIDE" of the family cake. Ironically enough it was my 1st disater cake too. It fell over on transport due to a VERY bumpy road. It was doweled and had plenty of support. I dont know what could have happened. Any suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreaicted.

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Really adorable, I love Seuss. My only theory on why it collapsed might be that second tier, I notice the yellow fondant is kind of rippled at the bottom. Did you carved the top of the cakes so the next cake up nested inside it for support?


You did a great job though !!! and can certainly be proud of the decorating. I am terribly sorry though that it fell over. I've never dared to do a tiered cake so have no idea what went wrong. Someone can surely offer advice in the Forums.