Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006 on Cake Central

The cake is 100% edible (not even any dowels). * The graveyard is 4 1/2 sheet cakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, yellow), covered in chocolate frosting and crumbled chocolate graham cracker crumbs. * The main haunted house was 2 red velvet cakes made in the stand up house pan, the silo was a stack of rice cakes, the side of the house was 2 pound cakes, the witched hats were sugar cones, the chimney was a cake cone, the shutters were sticks of gum, the windows and bat and doors were fondant, and the entire house was covered in buttercream. The black cat was molded milk chocolate. * The 'wizard of oz' witch feet, the gravestones, the hand coming out of the grave, the eyeballs, skull, trick-or-treater, and jack-o-lantern were fondant. * The gate pillars and door, and the stepping stones were rice krispie treats. * The fence that surrounds the entire cake was candy sticks dipped in milk chocolate. * The tree and the tree stump were sugar cookies, and the tree stump contained dry ice which actually smoked.

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