Diaper Downpour

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I made these cakes for a baby shower for a mother that was expecting a boy. The cakes were composed of different flavors; however the icing was Choco Pan fondant.

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I looked into the wilton website. when I type "Diaper Downpour" it says try another search. or check spelling.Is it maybe under a different name or do you remember the pattern book year? :roll:


If you look at the Wilton site, in their "Recipes & Projects Section" and click on "Diaper Downpour" you can get the complete instructions and patterns. I covered two cardboard, patterned pieces with small varigated strips of fondant/gumpaste and let them really dry for a couple of days. You can't go wrong by folllowing the instructions on Wilton's site. I did not like their handmade babies, though. They loooked like cabbage patch kids. Plus, I wanted the babies on the cake to represent many r...