Luau...part 2. Cupcakes

Luau...part 2. Cupcakes on Cake Central

Along with the coconut on the beach. Covid decision to make individual cupcakes instead of a big cake. I also did the entire dinner with a ton of canapes on purpose to avoid as much contact as possible. Ive done cupcakes on a few gigs and actually prefer them I think. Bottom platter are pina colada milkshake. Top are macadamia nut white choco with mac nut w choc cookies crumbled and mixed into the batter. The base for both cake recipes were found elsewhere online with my own major tweaks lol. I made a big batch of crusting cream cheese buttercream from cc and then i split it in half. To the mac nut cupcakes i added white choc ganache (and then thickened with more icing sugar). White molding choc flowers on top. More amateur hour paint job lol. And to the pina colada batch of icing i added a pint of softened Haagen Dazs pineapple coconut ice cream plus a pouch of vanilla milkshake powder and coconut extract (and thickened with icing sugar). I had mini paper umbrellas to add next to straw but noticed it was huge anyway amd covered most of the cupcake so plan b straw only lol.

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