Andy's Birthday Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate mirror glaze. Flowers are made of white chocolate.

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Comments (4)


Choocolate...Chocolate...Chocolate.... how could you do this to me... is lent!...Could you make another one for me in time for Easter? Lovely cake, lovely lady!!!


Certainly, Regina!  Unless you are a die-hard chocoholic, you would not like this cake.  Andy (the birthday girl) thought it was divine, but I thought it desperately needed a fruit filling or white frosting.  Way too much chocolate for me!


A die-hard chocoholic?... I'm Venezuelan my dear, the land where the finest cocoa of the world is (or used to be... before the revolution!) produced. I assure you, if you puncture my veins, a fountain of very dark chocolate syrup will flow... There is no such thing as way too much chocolate for me! 

Today Sunday, I was allowed to have a little indulgence in the middle of lent... I had a cream puff, covered in silky ganache, my only regret is that the filling was pastry cream... it would have been better with some more ganache!