Almond Macarons Mbalaska

Almond Macarons Mbalaska on Cake Central

made with the Swiss method, vanilla shells & milk chocolate ganache filling.

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This week there were 4 experimental recipes using the French method (beat room temp eggs & add sugar, fold in powdered sugar & almonds)    Then I tried 2 sets of the Swiss method (make Swiss meringue & fold in the powdered sugar & almonds).  It make a stronger cookie.

The Swiss method worked best for me, however I'll probably try both recipes again from other bakers until I get it right.  I bought a macaron mat from amazon   I liked this mat as it was not as thick as my collection of Silpat silicone mats ( that you know I have in all sizes)  & the cookies baked perfectly all through.  Also instead of a dot in the middle of the template there are cross lines so that you can judge where your tip is even while you are piping.