Country Music Birthday Cake For Stephen

This was made for a gentleman celebrating his 60th birthday, This was a very special day because Stephen has Down's Syndrome and it's rare for the sufferer enjoy a 60th birthday. He loves country music, especially Vince Gill. The order was sort of last minute, so I was fortunate to already have Dolly and Willie, whom I refurbished and added to the cake. The bottom tier is chocolate, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream, finished with bark made from modeling chocolate. The top tier is strawberry, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream, finished with white chocolate ganache. The figures are made from modeling chocolate with fondant and gum paste clothes. The Black Eyed Susans were made from Sugarin Flower Paste by Arati Mirji.

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Hi Sandra,  Once again...  Outstanding!

I have a question that might apply to this cake or others you've done.  Is that June Carter Cash in the center and was that done with a sugar sheet?  I need to do a children's cake next week and I'm using a sugar sheet to add a logo on the cake.  When I got the logo, there was a disclaimer stating not to refrigerate the cake.  I've seen lots of grocery store cakes with sugar sheets in the display case.  Any insight experience on this?  Thanks, Tom


Fantastic sculpting of figures.  I think that the double chin tickled me the most. You are so talented !!!!!!!!


Thanks so much, Chef Tom!  It is, indeed, June Carter Cash, and Johnny, and Reba and a whole lot more.  They are edible images printed on wafer paper and stuck onto fondant discs.  I popped them on right before we started our 2 hour delivery trip.  The cake was transported in a portable cooler.  I'm sorry, but I have no experience with sugar sheets, never used them.  Do you have a little corner or a scrap that you could try refrigerating and see how it holds up?  I suppose you could do like I did and wait until the last minute to apply the sugar sheet.

I will post a picture of the top tier so you can see some of the other stars.

Thanks so much, Regina!  I so wish I could share the video of Stephen at his party.  The hostess was generous enough to share it with me and it is simply amazing.  It is on my FaceBook page, if you care to go there and check it out.  Well worth it!  My FB page is Sandra Griggs Smiley.

Thank you so much, MBalaska!  Having enough artistic ability to do a bit of sculpting is my saving grace, because I struggle mightily to get a good finish and I couldn't pipe if my life depended upon it!  I can bake, though!

Thanks so much rdevon!  Like I told Regina, I wish I could share the video here.  Stephen was so excited and thrilled with his party, his friends and loved his cake.  It made me cry and I've watched it a dozen times.  If you would like to see it, it is posted on my FB page, Sandra Griggs Smiley.


I love this, Being a big country fan myself, you've captured there likenesses just right. Gorgeous !!!!!


Thank you so much, sweet Betty!  Dolly and Willie were easy they have such strong, distinctive features, Vince Gill not so much, lol.

By the way, if anyone decides to go to my FB page to see Stephen's video, just scroll down past all the kitty pictures until you see the video.  It's not that far down, but not right at the top either.