Bride's Shoe

The shoe and flowers are my contribution to the "Love Is" collaboration. The shoe is a combination of pastillage, fondant and gum paste, textured with wafer paper and accented with sugar pearls and pearl dust. The flowers are made from flower paste.

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Once again Sandra, you've outdone yourself.  Amazing accuracy and detail.  Also, I'm probably the only MAN that knows how much those red bottom shoes cost!  When a former colleague told me she shelled out 2,000 for a pair of shoes, I was shocked.  LOL and again, nice job!


Great detail on these shoes. Thanks for sharing details about your materials. I love the wafer paper effect combined with the pearl dust. Very creative use of sugar products!


Thank you so much, ChefTom!  Yes, the price shocks me too. This is as close as I will ever be to the red bottom shoes, lol!

Thank you kindly, lvdenver!

Thank you, rdevon!  Wafer paper pretty much has me stumped.  I've found a few things for which it works, but I have a LONG way to go.  I don't see how anyone makes realistic flowers with it.