Gretchen's Birthday Cake

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9" 3 layer chocolate cake, VBC. Piped buttercream humming bird with piped BC & fondant flowers.

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Lovely, Betty!

Now, may I tell y'all a little story?  (which will really only make sense if you know the musical group from the 70's, Seals and Croft)

Ever since that time, whenever my sister, Cyndi, heard any mention of a Hummingbird, would Sing....

'Humming bird, don't fly away, fly away, doo-doot doo-doo'.  SINCE the 70's.  It became kind of a family joke, as well as a bit of a tradition.  All of the family would do this same thing whenever we heard, or saw anything 'humming bird'.  This was especially true if we were with Cyndi at that moment,

Did I mention she was 60 years old?  Yes, 60.  And Cyndi passed away a year and a half ago.

At her Memorial, my other sister brought the whole scenario up during her eulogy/tribute.  She even Sang the line!  And do you know what happened?    Almost Everybody in the church joined in, precisely at  the moment of......'Doo-doot, doo-doo'.  There was not a dry eye in the house!

And since then, almost every day, I see a hummingbird outside (not the same one), flying around me when I'm having my cigarette, or a picture of one, or hear the Song itself.  I know that Cyndi is still around, making sure I'm okay.

So, Betty...This is the representation of her for today!  I thank you for this!

Christie in California


Lovely story, thanks for posting it. Glad my pic/cake brought good thoughts. I watch my hummers everyday out my side window near my computer. My son made a swing out of a twig & copper wire, hung it near my feeder & when they got used to it they sit & feed & sit again. Very amusing to watch. I have a video of them too but don't know how to post that..