Love, T.k.

The third and final cake created for Betty's birthday. This is her other kitty, T.K., my second fondant painting.

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Beautiful, Sandra!!!!!!

You say third cake......Where might I find/see the other two?

I Love your painting!  Heck...I love All of your work!

And BettyA...if you see this...I am totally Green with jealousy looking at Your fabulous cakes!

All I ever made, that would have even been non-embarrassing to post on here, were my Bunny-butt cupcake toppers (THE only thing I've ever posted), and some small fondant figures that I made while learning about Some of all the possibilities in the Cake Decorating World.

BOTH you ladies' work gives me hours of joy!  Thank you for always sharing!


Aww, Betty, I understand.  I've lost so many fur babies, but each one still lives in my heart.  

Christie, I posted the other two earlier.  One is the long haired, orange kitty and the other is a yellow, basket weave cake with piped roses on top.  The sad part is, Betty only got to enjoy her cakes (there were many more, as several of us participated in the project) on line.  Although we've never met, Betty was one of my very first friends and mentor's in the cake world.  And, you should not be ashamed to post anything.  We all started at the beginning and we could possibly give you pointers.

Thank you, Chef Tom and rdevon, for your kind words.


Thank you so much, sweet Evy!  These were my first fondant paintings, but I've been painting cats for a long time.  My favorite creatures.