Love, Sam

This was another cake done for Betty's birthday. This is her beautiful kitty, Sam and this was my first attempt at painting on fondant.

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Thank you so much, Chef Tom!  It is my first attempt on fondant, but I've been doing oil paintings all of my adult life, so I had a head start.


OH!!!!!! My beautiful Sam. I miss him so much.... Love this picture.

I don't have a cat right now . WE also lost TK , (Tiger Kitty, the gray & black stripe one) just this week, went missing last Sunday. Looked everywhere. She was a indoor/outdoor cat and my son's cat and his baby. So it's been a very sad week for him & me. You also did a cake of her too.


Gorgeous, Sandra! 

You can kind of disregard my comment on the other kitty cake.

And I bet he was a wonderful kitty.

I'm sorry for your loss, BettyA.  Just reading it brought tears to my eyes.

Now, would one of you please explain your connection to each other?  I thought it was just through CC, but if you're actually making cakes for Betty, then there is another way you know each other.  (And I'm


This is beyond perfection... I can feel that fur!

And... I'm also curious about your friendship... you must love each other a lot to spend time on three fabulously awesome cakes!

Amazing Sandra, over, and over, and over, and over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again!


Oh, Betty, I am so sorry.  I knew that not long ago you still had T.K.  My timing is not good.  I really enjoyed painting both of your babies.

Thank you so much, sweet ladies, Christie, Regina and Evy911!

When I first started decorating cakes a little over five years ago, I discovered and joined a cake site called Cakes We Bake.  Betty was one of the strong, established members and she and several other members took me under their wings and taught me most everything I know about cake decorating.  We were accustomed to wishing each other a happy birthday, so when Betty's birthday was coming up, we (our little active group) decided to make her a cake and post the pictures on her special day.  So many beautiful cakes!  We've never met (nor any others of our special, little group) and probably never will, but I do love Betty and consider her a dear friend.  Cakes We Bake is no longer active, so I was delighted when Betty joined this group!  Big hugs, dear friend!


Even knowing your art background I still can't believe what  a wonderful job you did.  Of course you did all the little details like the pink on the inside of the ears! 

Thanks for explaining how you have come to be such good friends with Betty.  I also wonder.


Hello Friends, I feel like we are all friends when it comes to doing cakes. I'm sorry the other site isn't active. We had a nice little group. Sandra gives me to much credit for some of her cake ability's. I helped where I could but her talent is all her on and yes I do consider her a dear friend even if we've never really met. Just 2 southern "girls" connecting over cake. :)))


Sandra and Betty...…

Thanks so much for the explanation of your friendship.  And for the many, many, many wonderful works of art you have Both shared with everybody on CC.

I don't bake, or decorate anymore, so I get my fill of beautiful, amazing work seeing all of yours!

Thanks for all of it!


I am loving getting to know all of you and building strong, new friendships through the sweet world of cakes. XOXO

lvdenver, you contribute so much to this site and it is a pleasure to have you as a fellow caker friend.  Feel free to share past cakes.  We don't care how old they are, cakes are always appreciated!