Betty's Birthday Cake

Four layer, souped up carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. My one and only piped cake created for BettyA's birthday, several years ago.

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Betty!  I think I just figured out why I had so much trouble trying to pipe!  I was using cream cheese frosting.  At the time, I had no idea it was too soft to work well for piping flowers.  I need to break out the bags and tips and try with a stiffer buttercream.  

I'm still rather proud of this cake, by the way.



This is Gorgeous!  What are you talking about having problems?  It looks Perfect to me!

I'd give anything to be able to put out this kind of Beautiful work!

And the inside??????  That makes me want to go try to bake a carrot cake, right now, just so I can plow into it on my own!

Lovely work!


So happy to see this again, you did such a beautiful job. I loved it and your basket weave was perfect. Almost time for another (Oct).


Sandra how come you complain? My piped flowers are soooo ugly that I have never been brave enough to take a picture. You are an artist... modeling, piping, painting... even writing comments.... Lovely cake! Thanks for taking the time to dig in your archives to find this cute little wonder!


Thank you for all of your sweet comments, Christie, Betty and Regina!  This cake is really deceptive.  Many, many more hours involved than one would believe!


Thank you, MBalaska and rdevon!  I didn't know any better than to try to pipe with cream cheese frosting, when I made this cake.  Perhaps that is why I had such a hard time.