Lego Head With Gravity-Defying Legos :)

Fondant covered freeze-dried strawberry cake, freeze-dried pineapple cake and vanilla WASC with berry and vanilla buttercream, candy melt LEGOS.

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If you are really nervous about it, MerMadeBakedGoods, put it in a box and seal it well and refrigerate.  Just let it come back to room temp still sealed in its box.  I am a firm believer in cold cakes.


I must have read your mind @SandraSmiley!I already did it!!! 

Usually im not worries but this  is a six layer cake (cake board and dowels at the 3-layer mark) but I carved the top a smidge to give it LEGO head shape and I didn’t want the buttercream to soften so much that the fondant sunk in on the top edges.

also..god bless candy melts!!! Buts it’s 95 degrees here today so I didn’t want to push it :)