Aqua And Black Wedding Cake

Aqua And Black Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Per bride's request, aqua and black fondant with satin fantasy flowers. Cake got rained on a bit but fondant didn't melt so all was well with my world that day!! NOTE just for fun to any who bother to read: The groom's mother volunteered to cut and serve but apparently hadn't done this before. She cut the top 8" layer into 6 wedges and the bottom 10" layer into 8 wedges!! Because I must be living right, there was enough for everybody. But WOWZERS!! Ya live long enough, ya see it all!!

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Even though you didn't think the color combination would work it is a very lovely cake.       I had a similar experience at a friend's wedding when her (overweight) daughter started cutting such huge I took over :)