Leopard on Cake Central

The Leopard is my contribution to the Spectacular Pakistan Collaboration. It is painted on an 8" x 11" fondant panel with petal dusts mixed with vodka.

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OH COME ON, Sandra!!!!!

Is there NO end to your fantastic Painting Talent???

I can create, too...……………                      =(^.^)=




Thank god you took it the right way.  I was beginning to worry that you might take it seriously.  But then I remembered who I was talking to....lol

One of these days I'm going to send you a picture and see if you could 'Do' it for me.  Paid, of course  Do you do Sketch work?

Have  good night.  Will talk to you soon...probably through the other channels.....(email)

Oh, thanks for the lil compliment...but I can't take credit for it....I had to look it up!   Ahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!



You must get tired of being told "you have amazing" but I'm going to tell you again, "YOU are amazing". Your talent is endless.

I love this, as I do all work. xxoo friend.


Do  you get tired of me telling you how wonderful I find your piping and color combinations?  No, I guess I am vain, but it always means a lot to me for others to appreciate my efforts.  How wonderful it is that we each has our own strengths and can enjoy and appreciate the talent of others!  Thank you, dear friend!