Leonardo's Horse

Made of modeling chocolate with a wire armature and airbrushed to resemble bronze, Leonardo's Horse stands on a base covered in fondant and painted to look like marble. He is my contribution to the Leonardo Da Vinci Challenge on Bakerswood.

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I knew that, Sandra.  But I also thought maybe there might have been some kind of 'Program' showing all of the Artists, and works.  Kinda of like I would imagine as a 'Get to Know...' thing.

Then again, I don't know a thing about any of the Shows, or Challenges.  But in my mind...I imagine people walking around some kind of Gallery, or presentation room, looking at each piece, displayed like items in an Art Gallery.  And if I am totally off base on that, please don't spoil the little Documentary Film that goes off in my head each time I see pieces that were created for specific shows. (It's a really good movie!)


lvdenver, the picture was made to go with the challenge; part of the requirements.  Your little movie is right and wrong.  The cake shows have pieces beautifully display for judging and viewing by the public; very fancy and elegant environment.  The collaborations and challenges in which I participate are done on line, so we never get to see more than the picture gallery.  Since I am unable to travel to shows (many pets to care for), the collaborations and challenges are a great way for me to participate and share with other sugar artists.  They are not judged, just shared.


Hi Sandra...

Thank you so much for giving me that wonderful explanation.  It makes me smile to think I was kind of right.

And I remember about all the great work you do with the animals in your care.  It has got to be challenging getting away from home for any time other than necessary trips.  I only have the one cat, and I freak out when I leave him for more than 3-4 hours, imagining all the trouble he might be getting into.  So it is great to hear that you get to do this artistic work, that comes from within your soul, and participate with others.  I wish I could find some way to contribute something, anything, to somebody other than my cat.  I am so financially, and physically limited now that doing any kind of crafts, or hobbies is out of reach.  So I live vicariously  through this website.

I am continually amazed at the gorgeous work you produce.  I run out of words to express myself.

Well Done!


I feel like my only response to your pieces is “Holy Macaronis!!!”, or something else to that effect. :)

How long does that take?!?!? It looks like it’s about to gallop away!


Thanks so much, MerMadeBakedGoods!  I don't pay much attention to how long it takes, but I worked on it off and on for about a week.  I guess I averaged three or four hours a day, so a substantial amount of labor.