Firefighter Groom's Cake

Firefighter Groom's Cake on Cake Central

Carved cake covered in fondant. All embellishments designed from fondant. The bride requested the hat look like the groom had been working in a fire. So we dusted it with black luster powder.

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OK My son is getting married in May & I am trying to make his cake!! I will do a test run on Jan 21st. How did you do the hood ornament (eagle) with such accuracy? HELP!!!


Hi CindyHonea!  The bride took pictures of her groom's helmet from tons of different angles and took measurements for us.  She took really good close-ups to give us the details she wanted.  Other than was all Gary (the husband in our duo) that made it happen.  He is a pretty good sculpter.  He scuplted it out of fondant colored light (pea) green and then sprayed it gold. Not too much tylose in the fondant...just enough to keep it sturdy. 

Thank you jchuck!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️