Elmo - Icing Smiles Cake

Elmo was made for the 10th birthday of a very special Icing Smiles child. It is lemon funfetti, filled and frosted with lemon buttercream, covered in white chocolate ganache (colored red) and fondant. The arms and legs are Rice Krispy Treats with modeling chocolate hands and feet, all covered with fondant. The large eyes and nose are made of styrofoam covered with fondant. Elmo's birthday cake is the same lemon cake as his body.

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I thought I did this before...….my apologies!

Fantastic!  And I am one of the adults who screams with delight whenever Elmo is around!  

This is one of those times...….WELL DONE, Sandra!


Oh, Sandra....I am laughing my butt off at your comment.  I did not discover Elmo until I was about 30 years old!  Yeah, I came to that party late in life.  And I neither watched Sesame Street.  I am 56...I think I just missed that 'Age'.  But I LOVE him now!

Seriously....I can't stop giggling.


Not really.  He just popped up at a time that I needed to feel silly.....and it Worked.  To this day, if I hear 'his' voice, I have to imitate it, at least once, to myself.  No other explanation.  I didn't even have kids, or at this age, grand kids.  Kinda like the way I talk to my cat....Why do I ask him questions in a 'Baby' voice?    All of this is probably because I live Alone.  I have to get my laughs wherever I can!

No need to answer....lol...I know how busy you are.  But....Merry Christmas, Sandra!