Oktoberfest Cake

Beer stein cake for my husband’s birthday! The design on the stein is the House Targaryen sigil. I always like to read helpful hints about construction, so I thought I’d write out a long explanation. Thanks to SandraSmiley for her help with the lid and handle!

Everything is edible except for the beer stein lid and the can (which I chose to make non-edible due to weight concerns). The lid is fondant-covered Styrofoam. The can is real. For the beer, I used the “Boiled or Poured Sugar Recipe” on this website and poured it over a sharpened wooden dowel, turning the dowel all the time, until I got an effect I liked. Then I drove the dowel through the cake into the cakeboard, and hot-glued the end of the dowel onto the can.

All of the accessories are made of fondant and hand painted with food coloring. The cake board is covered with fondant, textured by hand, and painted with food coloring. The “foam” is melted marshmallows. The “sauerkraut” is coconut colored with food coloring and mixed with piping gel. I painted the cake with luster dust mixed with everclear and then dusted with charcoal petal dust, which gave it an aged pewter look. Then I steamed the cake to set the dust.

For the handle and lid, I formed a C shape for the handle out of floral wire and used floral tape to attach the handle for the lid at a 90 degree angle to the C. Then I poked a hole in the lid so that I could easily insert the wire. Then I covered everything with fondant mixed with tylose.

The cake was Durable Cake with peanut butter buttercream and chocolate ganache. I used five six inch rounds.

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