Anniversary Celebration

I donated this cake for two Sisters celebrating 75 and 25 years of service in their religious Order. They asked for Red/white flowers. The bottom is a half sheet chocolate cake filled with a Lindt chocolate mousee. The other layers are lemon cake filled with elderflower SMBC and lemon curd. My lesson learned is no more buttercream cakes in July! They originally wanted to put the cake near open doors (where it is over 80 degrees outside). I had to refuse and tell them to close the doors and turn on the AC. Even though they moved the cake to the back of room, it was still fairly warm inside and the doors were open. I cut the cake and it held up ok but it could have been a disaster. I just don't understand why people who get a free cake don't listen! ok rant over.

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I'm not sure if that is a timer or not. The thermostat was on the side of the room and the cake was at the back. I've set up in this room before without any issues but not during the summer. Having 200 people pile into the room probably raised the temperature too.