Cat In The Hat

This Dr. Seuss cake was created for Icing Smiles. The Cat in the Hat is rice cereal treats and fondant, painted with petal dusts mixed with vodka, the whiskers are angel hair pasta painted with petal dusts. The other Dr. Seuss characters around the cake are painted with petal dusts mixed with vodka.

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Thanks so much, June!  This is an Icing Smiles cake and is actually a dummy.  The grandmother (the caregiver) is driving 15 hours to celebrate Cody's birthday with a TRUCK!  How do you do a cake to be transported in the back of a freakin' truck for 15 hours???  

The little cake above is just a six incher and it will fit in the cab of the truck.  Cody can use it to blow out his candles, then he can keep it forever.  The real cake is a sheet cake made up of one, two layer, 7" x 11" strawberry cake, and one each of chocolate and vanilla in the same size.  I will fill each individually with different fillings, then frost all three of them, side by side, as one 11" x 21" sheet cake.  Then FREEZE it!  Sharlene is planning to transport it in the back of the truck in a container with dry ice and wants to keep it frozen.  Got my fingers crossed that it makes it!


lol That has got to be the worst delivery story for sure.  He'll enjoy it longer as a dummy.  Good thinking!


Thanks, Jazz2U!  I am been procrastinating all morning about frosting the sheet cake.  The cake board will be 15" x 23" and I have a box that is a perfect fit.  HOWEVER, I really have my doubts about the grandmother finding a plastic storage box large enough to accommodate it, along with dry ice!  Oh well, like my husband said, I guess I just have to finish it, wrap it very securely, freeze it, deliver it and hope it gets there in one piece.  I have not used any ingredients which will spoil (melt, maybe, but not spoil), so at least I don't have to worry about anyone being poisoned!


Thank you so much, sweet TripleDCakery!  I totall agree, love doing Icing Smiles cakes.  The little cake above was actually a dummy so the birthday boy could keep it.  The cutting cake was a large neapolitan - strawberry, chocolate and vanilla - sheet cake.  They were traveling 18 hours for his party, so I had to come up with a way to be sure everything would survive.  IT DID!  Wooohoooo!


Hi Sandra.....

I am so glad you you gave the update.  I was on the edge of my seat looking for the ending.

So, it arrived safely, in one piece?  How did they like it?

Please tell!


Hi Christie!  Sorry to keep you hanging.  You should have given me a shout!

Yes, Cody's grandmother kept the cutting cake frozen with dry ice until time for the party, so it was perfect.  The trip turned out to be an 18 hour drive!  She said everyone loved it, especially the strawberry, which seems to be a favorite.  I had both cakes tightly sealed in heavy boxes and she left them packaged until the party.  The Cat in the Hat arrived without a bobble, too.  She sent me loads of pictures and even several videos and little Cody was tickled to death.  I would love to post some of them, but I wouldn't dare post a child on the internet.

I was so relieved!  Had Sharlene not handled, especially the real cake, exactly as we planned, it would surely have been molded and probably melted.


Hi Sandra......

Thanks for the 'End of the story...'.  To be honest, I only read all of the comments today. .So I really wasn't hanging for long, at all.

Very happy to hear that everything worked out So well.  You 'Cake and Sculpture' people come up with fabulous ideas that go from Flour and Chocolate, to Incredible Art!  

Well Done, Again, Sandra.....Well Done!