Camping Under The Stars

Camping Under The Stars on Cake Central

I used a technique that I learned from Shawna McGreevy to make the camping area in this cake. It was a LOT of fun

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What did you use for the background scenery? Also, whats holding up the cake on top? Did you use wood for that whole background and to hold the cake? This picture Gave me a great idea to use for a cake i have to make, but I've gotta be careful what all i use bc the whole cake has to be edible, other than dowel rods, or cardboard bases! 

Hi @jessicarenae_21 for the background I just printed the scene I wanted on edible paper and stuck it to a gum paste backing.  Everything was edible.  You can learn the whole technique with Shawna McGreevey on  It´s her ballerina cake adapted.

It´s super simple....  Hope it helps.