T Rex Cake Sketch For My 5 Year Grandson

T Rex Cake Sketch For My 5 Year Grandson on Cake Central

My grandson who is turning 5 years asked for a Red T Rex cake and has been watching the sketch come alive and is loving the yellows, oranges and yes the red.

I am really looking forwards to making the cake and seeing his excitement when he sees it for the first time it will be a chocolate cake covered in white modelling chocolate with a milk chocolate ganache filled with a white chocolate ganache buttercream

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Thanks , still finishing the sketch, I like to see the subject from all sides if if I am making a 3D cake, although this is quite ambitious

As long as Elliot falls in love with it, that's the main thing


Thanks I have never sketched a dino before.  Not sure if I have bitten off too much,  but I am looking forwards to the starting the cake, sculpting and colouring it

I am also beginning to worry about getting it out of Cormwall avoiding all pot holes and up to London for the brthday party

I will  be taking the repair kit aka my kitchen :)


Hi Sandra

Thank you for your lovely comment, I am busy sketching the front of the t-rex so I can see how wide he is going to be for when I build the structure

 I have two options for the head, option 1 rice crispies and option 2 is a polyestrene egg tht I am going to mock up so I can see which one will work the best .

As soon as I can I will post the photos:)