16Th Birthday Doodle Cake

I’ve found a way to incorporate my interest in graphic design with my love for cake! This was a really fun project. I downloaded an image from Shutterstock and added fun graphics and text specific to the birthday boy.

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This is a cool idea and one that could have endless variations. Do you print an edible image on frosting sheets or rice paper? I would love to read a tutorial. The sizing must be meticulous. 


That’s right - Image is printed on an icing sheet with my edible ink printer. I subscribe to Shutterstock where there is a vast amount of pictures that I can download. I downloaded this image but made several changes on my computer, removing some things and adding graphics and text specific to the Birthday boy. I do make tutorials and post on my YouTube channel (Dozycakes). Maybe I should do one on this process? And yes, the sizing has to be spot on, and it can be tricky manipulating the image to size.