Crocodile Golf Birthday Cake

My nephew was golfing in Mexico when his caddy lured a HUUUGE crocodile out of the water ( he had trained the critter to come on demand by feeding it ya do) ... leading to a gallery of croc golf pics. They were the inspiration for this 39th birthday cake that also features my nephew’s cherished pets: LuLu the cocker spanial and Izzy the ratter missed the Golfing but got to strut their stuff at their daddy’s party!

The cake is a “buttery nipple“ cake (my apologies – I don’t mean to be offensive at all – that’s just what the “shot“ that the flavor is based on and is a drink that many CCers will recognize. It is a Combination of Irish cream and “butter shot“ Liquors- so good!}! The cake is cfpeoples’ Irish cream cake recipe from CC recipes (With about a third or more of the Irish cream replaced with Buttershot Shnapps). Her recipe is wonderful! Cake layers were then drizzled with more of the liquor combo (Definitely an adult cake!) then filled with marshmallow filling and frosted with dark chocolate ganache. Characters are from homemade fondant with Tylose powder.

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