Awaiting The Arrival

This is a 6" barrel top & a 8" bottom 'dummy cake' that is 1 of 4 that I will be presenting at a Curated Baby Fair. The design begins with a white fondant covering. The bottom tier was done by dusting edible fabric in chocolate on both sides then cutting them in 1x1 squares & adhered to the sides in a scrunchy type fashion. The top tier I draped the edible fabric leaving it in it's shimmery pearl color & swagging it to one side & hanging straight down on the opposite side tied back with pink satin ribbon. Inside of the draped swag I made a flesh tone figurine of an expecting mother out of 50/50. Adorning the drapery I made a few hundred smaller faux sugar flowers in white, pastel pink & pastel blue. Surrounding the top of the bottom tier & encircling around the bottom of the top tier I placed smaller sugar flowers with pastel mint green pearls. A top of the top tier are small faux sugar flowers adorned with a pastel purple pearl insert surrounding a large white ranunculus sugar flower with a newborn flesh tone baby figurine beneath it's petals. The cake drum is covered in a chocolate brown satin band of ribbon.

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