Retirement Party Cake For Outdoorsy Man

Three tiered fondant covered cake with silhouettes and custom topper. Bottom made with a silicone bark mould (best purchase ever!). Top tiers covered with egg yellow fondant. Oh and in the final cake I DID push down the topper so it was flush with the cake ;)

Sunset effect created with orange Americolor Mist sprayed on then wiped with a dry makeup sponge.

Silhouettes cut out of black gum paste rolled out then left to harder for about 10 minutes then cut with an X-acto knife.

Topper chair made out of 20 cut out parts from tutorial found online (warning, if you use the same the parts are too short! I redid this three times).

Man made out of gum paste/fondant mix. I again used an online tutorial for making a basic human figure using a template. I resized it to the size needed for the chair. Worked perfectly!

Ball cap was a nightmare to make. I ended up molding a piece of fondant/gum paste mix over a half styrofoam ball then doing the stitching & top button over that. Then I made the bill using round cutters to cut a circle then a "chunk" out of that to make a suitable size. Glued it onto the rest of the hat then dried it on the figure's head.

Trees made with black chocolate melts. I printed a template of trees then put wax paper over it to make the trees. Did the trunk first then each branch (drawing in towards trunk), then did a side to side swoop over the tree to make a nice full looking tree. Taped this over cake dummies placed sideways in a box, to get the curvature. I made the fishing line and skies/ski poles with extruded gum paste (thanks for the idea Sandy!)

Bottom was ivory fondant covered then I painted over top with brown petal dust diluted with vodka. Leaves cut out marbled gum paste then veined with a silicone two piece veiner.

I need work on using stencils! "Bill" was done with diluted paint, "Happy Retirement" with dry petal dust. That worked MUCH better with sharper edges.

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Thanks Sandra!  So glad I happened to have a bottle of the orange mist.  You can't tell too well in the pictures but on the cake the egg yellow color of the fondant and orange mist melded perfectly into that sunset effect I was going for.