Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat

This is the last competition cake that I did for our State Fair. I wanted to create a cake that would indicate motion. To do this I placed the cat in the hat popping out of a hole and reaching for the green eggs and ham. In turn this caused the fish's bowl to topple and splash water everywhere. The miniature cake is also falling from the fishes hand. Originally, I was going to have Thing One and Thing Two catching the miniature cake but decided against it at the last minute. This cake took first in the birthday cake category and third overall.

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Thank you aldonza! This cake is actually made from sculpted Styrofoam. I made it for our state fair competition of which it was against the rules to use the items that I needed to create it from cake. It takes a specialized cake structure which starts with an mdf cake board. Then I would screw down a flush mount flange with a male pvc adapter. Since the other end of the male pvc adapter has a slip end I would insert a pvc pipe. To get the tilted fish bowl I would use 3 cardboard cake boards with a 45 degree pvc adapter  that were fitted with another male adapter. As long as you properly place your cake dowels the structure will hold. Of course all of the hardware is sanitized and wrapped in plastic wrap or covered in fondant before the cake is stacked and sculpted out.  : )