Three Tiered "life Themed" Cake For Male 65Th Birthday

This was a 10", 8", 6" cake made for the director of our building. It was based on some of his big "loves": red currant and blueberry picking, music, and his home town in Nova Scotia. The topper represented the Sambro Island lighthouse, the oldest working lighthouse in North America (in Nova Scotia). Decorations made with gum paste except "Happy 65th Birthday" and music notes made with cake lace (exercise in frustration since this was my first time using it!). Topper had a base of Rice Krispie treats.

This was my first (and last) time using Satin Ice from using Fondx previously. I caved to "peer pressure" from seeing all the big cake decorators on TV using Satin Ice. Complete nightmare with tons of cracking and elephant skin. I tried kneeding in crisco but still no go. Never had any issues at all with Fondx so back to that I go!

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