Bridal Shower Engagement Ring Cake

Engagement Ring Flower Box Cake

I have been super busy these past few weeks. I had entered into the State Fair cake decorating competition. I quite literally bit off more than I could chew but I did manage to complete 4 of the 6 designs that I entered. Most people would say that it wasn't a big deal if they didn't finish everything but I spent a substantial amount of money on cake supplies for these cakes. My husband would have been very irritated if I had not pulled through. Since, they were to be displayed for a prolonged amount of time I decided that I would use dummy forms of which I was grateful to find a local company that made them. Sorry, I digress. For this cake design I hand made several sugar flowers for this piece that I entered into the shower category. There were 200 baby's breath pieces, at least 2 dozen sugar roses, 10 tiny tea roses, 5 sprigs of sweet peas and four or five yellow large rose buds. It took me a solid 4 days to complete all of the sugar flowers for this cake. The box and lid were covered in a teal colored fondant of which I created a huge loop bow to sit on top of it. The ring is also created out of styrofoam which was covered in modeling chocolate then grey fondant. The ring band was then painted silver. It was supposed to be covered in an edible silver but that was the one item that did not come in on time. So, I improvised. The diamond is actually candy. I had purchased a diamond mold and used Isomalt crystals. Once it hardened up I removed it from the mold but realized that it had air bubbles. My husband purchased me one of those mini blow torches from a local hardware store. I used this to heat a knife of which I smooth the surface of the candy diamond before placing it in the nook I had created for it. To finish setting the piece I added some fondant prongs. Once the ring was set into place I began arranging the sugar flowers around it. The cake board is covered in matching fondant but I added a lace doily look by adding a fondant ruffle and using an array of icing tips and cutters. All together it turned out beautifully. I should know the results of the competition Tuesday afternoon. It's the first competition that I have ever entered and I am quite nervous about it. Wish me luck! #showercake #ringbox #cake #sugarflowers #giftboxcake #sugardiamondring #bridalshowercake

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