Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Sculpted Birthday Cake

I neglected to post this last week. This was my granddaughter's birthday cake. It is made from six 8" rounds and three 6" ball cakes. Hind sight is always 20/20, meaning, I wished that I had used a sheet cake. I felt like I lost a lot of cake in the carving process. Her arms are PVC that was covered in modeling chocolate then fondant. Her head was made from two 6" half balls and the top of her hat is made from one 6" ball half. I had made her hat from gumpaste in advance of which I cut a hole into the center of it so that the PVC pipe would fit through it. Once the hat was in place I set the fondant covered half ball on top of her head and finished it by adding 2 dimensional strawberries to match the brim of her hat. The face is covered in modeling chocolate but this time I tinted the chocolate before shaping her face. I had been using white modeling chocolate that I dusted with a flesh tone powder. It kept leaving streaks. This worked much better. Her hair is also modeling chocolate in which I died red with an oil based food coloring. I then rolled out snakes and attached them to the base of the head. On one hand this made the cake really heavy but on the other it easily gave me the wild unkept look I was trying to achieve. It certainly proved that my cake structure was built good and sturdy! LOL!

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