Cake Made For Dr. David Pearson, Awarded The Order Of Ontario In June 2017

Dr. Dave is one of my colleague's at the Living with Lakes Centre. He was nominated for and awarded the province's highest award, the Order of Ontario. This cake was made for a party thrown by the MPP for our Region, Glenn Thibeault.

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Sorry, should have talked about the cake itself!  Swiss Meringue buttercream with a vanilla latte cake in 15"x11" size.  Beige tint comes from espresso in the buttercream.  I wanted to keep the design very basic since the honoree is a very low key guy and I was given 4 days notice so I "just" replicated the Order of Ontario medal and lanyard.  I used gum paste.  Of course it is a pretty detailed piece!  

I didn't have a brush fine enough so had to use a toothpick to outline the red cross in gold and to add the Fleur de Lys in the crown.  If anyone can suggest a quality super fine brush, I would appreciate it!

The top pipping WAS straight but I added the lanyard after pipping (dah) so it pushed out the border a bit.  I didn't want to fiddle with it to avoid smudges so crooked it was!