Summer Wedding Cake And Tarlets With Edibe Flowers

what a challenge to do! A semi naked cake with tarlets, all with fresh fruits and all edible flowers. So the delivery got stuck somewhere, and there was antohter stressmoment! luckely I was able to pick fresh flowers at a greenhouse with herbs and special bio flowers. the cake is all natural, bottom tier collored with beet, no adds of sugar (still sweet) and all you see is to eat! had to tell not eat a whole flower but a piece of it and than a bite of the cake, each bite another unexpected taste. there was: violets, borage, begonia, choveflowers, thymeflowers, mint, cornflowers, daisy, fuchia"s ! (tastes like apple), lavender, cosmos, pansy, marigold, chocolatmint, fennel, dahlia ( not that nice te taste, a bit like chicory) it was a feast for the eye and a feast in the mouth, at a gorgeous venue with a lovely couple


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