Buttercream Cake With Fancy Sprinkles

Buttercream Cake With Fancy Sprinkles on Cake Central

Just discovered a sprinkle shop operated by Sweetapolita, lady who creates the most fantastic cake recipes! This is one of two "event cakes" made by me for my work this year.

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What a great looking cake! Very striking with the multi colored sprinkles on top. Are they from the new shop you mentioned? Your cake looks nice and tall. I like that in a sheet cake because who wants a puny piece of cake? The gold around the base makes a perfect finish. This cake really pops!! Great job lady!


Hi CarolAnn!  Thank you so much for looking at my cakes and taking the time to comment.  Yes, I got these sprinkles from Sweetapolita's sprinkle shop.  Did you see the similar black cake with sprinkles?  Such an easy way to make cake to feed a crowd that is quick to decorate but dazzling with the sprinkle colors.  

When I make my cakes for my colleagues at work, they are always 2 torted layers with 3 layers of filling.  So they end up being about 4-4.5" tall since I try to get the filling to be about 1/3 the height of the cake.  I keep my calculator close by to figure out how many cups of filling that translates into!

Three times in the past year work has asked me to make cakes to feed a crowd (70+) since we have special events at our place (Living with Lakes Centre in Sudbury Ontario Canada).  It isn't practical for me to make the torted cakes (my recipes are VERY butter & egg centric since I lov Swiss Meringue Buttercream) so I end up making 2 cake layers with filling that is still 1/3 height of cake height.  So THIS cake was still about 3.5"-4" tall.  

I agree, who wants a puny piece of cake?  ;)