Samba Dancer - Carnival Collaboration

Samba Dancer - Carnival Collaboration on Cake Central

My Samba dancer is 13" tall, made of modeling chocolate with a wire armature. Her hair is made of fondant and her head piece is made of wafer paper.

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Sandra, will you please please please do a live tutorial with me!!  I so want to learn to just do a face, I get so frustrated I throw the chocolate across the room lol  Your so amazing and I am in awe of your abilities!! 


I am truly impressed by your work!!! My talent has yet to show itself in the modeling of the human anatomy;) so very much in awe. 


Such a sweet compliment, TripleDCakery!  I've never before done sculpting, but I have been drawing and painting people all of my life, which helps.  Try finding some nicely detailed photos to guide you when doing a body.  It works a lot better than memory, lol.