Harry Potter Wedding Cake

This is a cake I created for a lovely Harry Potter themed wedding! It consisted of the gold stag, doe, Harry's wand, Hermoine's wand, Deathly Hallow symbol, "Always", and even a little surprise in the back! DOBBY!!

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Love your design!!! One of the most beautiful Harry Potter cakes I saw and I saw many of them because I just made one for my daughter. ❤️


Hi there,

Your beautiful cake is going to be the inspiration for our Harry Potter themed wedding cake! We're located in Canada, otherwise I would have hired you in a heartbeat obviously! And we are going to tweak it to our add our personal falir, and not copy your original design of course! But I was wondering if there was any possibility of you directing us to where you found the cake toppers!? We have searched high and low and cannot find anything we like that comes close to those two figures... And we LOVE those two!

Thank you!


Hey Jessica!

well thank you so much! I really appreciate that! I just sent you a message with all the details! Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks!



Your cake is amazing, simply beautiful I was  wondering if you would mind sending me the details on where you got the cake toppers and how did you made the wands. Thanks so much 


Hi Renee!

Well thank you! I ordered the cake toppers from Etsy.com (just type in “stag and doe cake toppers”) and I sculpted the wands out of modeling chocolate and then dusted them with edible gold dust. 


Hi there!! I was just curious as to how many layers of cake you had per tier and if they were 2 inch or 3 inch cake layers. Also did you cut them in half and layer with buttercream or leave them whole and just frost between each layer. I'm looking to make a cake with similar dimensions. Thank you!!