Gatsby Wedding Cake

A Great Gatsby Themed wedding cake for Bridal Bash KC at the beautiful Hilton President. I wanted to stay away from the typical Gatsby/1920's flapper style and really concentrate the design on the lush luxury of Gatsby style with a bit of a modern twist. The ballroom at the President is huge and full of stately elegance, which is what I wanted this cake to match. Bling, gold, feathers...those were my main design elements. :) I brought in 1920's charm and opulence with hand made feather and pearl medallion bas relief on the bottom tier. The top 5 tiers were dedicated to the geometric pearl design which is repeated on the back of the cake as well for a full 360 design. Gumpaste black and gold filler flowers and white open peonies with gold leaves finish the design and bring accent colors into the cake.

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Perfection.  I was really hoping this was a real cake.  Have you had any brides order this design?     I admire the way the tiers get taller as they become smaller, absolutely flawless design.


Thank you @CinCity ‍and @MsGF ! @Apti ‍in separate orders. One for the bas relief feather tier and a separate one for the "v" pearls. But this cake was just created for a show that took place last Thursday and posted on social media yesterday so not many people had seen the full design put together. One of my brides I booked earlier in the spring called me to change to a black and gold geometric pearl design for her New Year's Eve wedding. The tiers are all the same 6" height, it's just a visual illusion from the pearl design to make them seem taller as they get smaller. :)