Charlie Brown Goes To The Movies - Cake Con Collaboration

Charlie Brown Goes To The Movies - Cake Con Collaboration on Cake Central

I was so honoured to be invited to form part of this awesome collaborations together with 22 amazing artists who created sugar art inspired by tv series, comics & video game characters. I chose Peanut characters as I used to love going to the Saturday Matinees to see them! Oh happy memories. After covering the layer cake with a black Fondant base, I made the seats and the armrests and gave them an old leather texture with layers of melted red chocolate. Each figure was first traced out on acetate, and then cut on to a 3mm layer of Satin Ice fondant with a skin tone pigment. There are three layers to each figure, the base layer which is the body, then the clothed layer together with the hair, and lastly the shoes and details like frills or bows. After that, I outlined each using black Aromacake pigment to give each figure a more comic-like and 3d effect. I had so much fun making popcorn using an extruder! I then placed each figure on the seat of my “cinema”.

Thank you Mayra and Cassandra for such an amazing collaboration!

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This is like my childhood defined. Days when cartoons weren't on 24/7 and we waited for Charlie Brown specials - "brought to you by Dolly Madison, makers of neat-to-eat treats." This cake is the bomb!


Awwwe I thank you very much for your lovely comments!!  I have such fond memories of cartoons as a kid - When I was about 5, my parents couldn't afford to take us to the cinema that often, so when we did go it was like the 4th of July and Guy Fawkes Night all rolled into one. I remember that once a year my Dad used to take us to Trafalgar Square where there was a cinema  with continuous sessions of cartoons.    cartoons cinema in Trafalgar Square London  We were in heaven!  I wonder what kind of fond memories today's  kids have...