Alice In Wonderland

Adored making this Alice In Wonderland inspired cake, for a close friend. Chocolate sponge covered in guanche and fondant. All figures are in fondant too.

Wow - to get the featured email was a big wow this morning - and made me feel very humble - and not for the reasons many will think - I do not run a cake business, and only do a few word of mouth, this is my relaxation hobby. But 10 years ago, ironically, this week, I had a massive migraine stroke and was bed ridden for months and months and house bound for year, and in a migraine state for over 4 years. Yes a migraine 24/7 for over 4 years. Having a stroke took everything away. One of my lowest points was stood in my kitchen trying to coordinate a knife to cut a cucumber for my twins, and i could not do it - I sobbed and sobbed :( Now 10 years later, I still have weekly head pain and a numb left side, BUT I am back using surgical knives and managing to create again - so to get this feature today - has made me cry yet again, but for a very different reason - so THANK YOU xx


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