Winnie The Pooh Armature Cake & Sweet Table

The sweet table for the 2nd birthday of my son Benjamin. Winnie the Pooh has stood a long time on the table with the head separate from the rest of his body (see 2nd picture right corner ;) ), because gravity worked against me the night before (the complete body was leaning forward…). Not strange with an 3D armature cake of almost 65 cm high that weighs a few kilos :D But at the moment suprême he worked with me!

The other things on the sweet table are: 3 types of mini cupcakes (banana-chocolate / vanilla-cherry / chocolate-mandarin), chocolate lollipops, four flavors of macarons (cherry / chocolate / mandarin / passion fruit), two flavors of fudge (salted caramel & sticky toffee) cinnamon cookies. And some savoury snacks; 2 kinds of filled eggs (curry twist / surimi), mini pizza muffins, 3 kinds of wraps and snack sticks.


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