Avengers Super Hero Cake Holden's Style

Avengers Super Hero Cake Holden's Style on Cake Central

Thank you so much Lori Mercer Photography​ for this Amazing photo of Holden's Avenger Super Hero Cake!!!! White chocolate raspberry swirl cake, fresh raspberry filling and white chocolate ganache cover in fondant. Modeling chocolate sculpted Hulk hands, lights on Iron Man tier, hand painted Spider-Man, and Capt. America all represented on this tall boy! Soooo Much Fun!!! Happy Birthday Holden!!!

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This is so awesome, I might have to cheat it for my husband's birthday! :) Are the hulk hands made of solid modeling chocolate or is there any filler inside, i.e. rice krispies? I assume you put tons of skewers through the board and hands? Was that enough support for this clearly very heavy cake?


@Gerrypony I used a thread rod structure (no skewers involved.)  the hands started off with thread rods then I added some RKT for bulk then modeling chocolate to sculpt the hands. Hope that helps.