Wisteria Wedding Cake - Love & Tenderness

Wisteria Wedding Cake - Love & Tenderness on Cake Central

This was a dream come true… I was invited to do a wedding cake for this special Wedding Edition of Cake Design Portugal and I was given free reign… you all know what that means!!! So this is my special and original wedding cake… I chose Wisteria because of their significance (Love & Tenderness) and beauty (I really love wisteria flower ).

Hope you like it too!!! ♥


Ana Remígio xxx

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on my goodness -- what a beautiful work of art -- you outdid yourself -- breathtaking and the gorgeous photograph -- over the moon

insert wildly clapping hands smilie face morphing into a colosseum wide standing ovation


I think this cake is so lovely and so unique I don't even know how to describe it.  I'm curious to know if the stand was something designed for another purpose or was it specifically made to hold this cake.  I've seen upside-down cakes before but usually they're so elaborate and so over the top they don't even look like a cake any longer.  I especially like that this STILL looks like a cake, just constructed in a different manner.  My parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary this year.  For their 50th anniversary we had the cake made a very close replica of their original.  If they can enjoy their 60th anniversary together in 5 years I may consider something along these lines.  They would LOVE it I know and I think if you make it to 60 years of marriage you deserve something very unique and beautiful. 


Thank you all so much!!! Truly appreciated!!! xxx

Basketpam the stand it's from a flower vase that I have and that fit exactly my purpose.

Thank you so much for your lovely words, it-s an honour to me to inspire such a beautiful celebration. Thank you!!! xxx