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They originally called me wanting this cake for 40 people, but even when I explained that this design would feed a lot more than 40 ~ she still insisted it be all cake (no styrofoam). So....she got a cake to feed 130 and I got a check for $300. The bottom cake is chocolate fudge cake with chocolate buttercream filling, iced in blue buttercream with white fondant ribbon and Tiffany & Co piped on. The next cake is orange/lemon swirl cake with lemon curd filling, iced in orange buttercream with the Hermes 'H' piped on. Next is red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, iced with red icing and the Valentino logo piped on. Next is a chocolate mint cake with mint buttercream filling, iced in chocolate with the gold Louis Vuitton symbol piped on. Last is a vanilla cake with raspberry filling, iced in white buttercream with black bow and the Dolce & Gabbana "D & G" piped on. 12"/ 10"/ 8"/ 6"/ 4" We took it unassembled to the Delano hotel on South Beach where I proceeded to set it up in their front lobby area. I had quite an audience while I was stacking it!!! Then Todd carried it through the hotel to their restaurant where the birthday girl and her guests awaited. And yes, that top cake was leaning a bit....but it was cut and served very shortly thereafter ~ so no disasters!

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