Mila's First Birthday Enchanted Icing

Mila's First Birthday Enchanted Icing on Cake Central

First birthday cake for a terrific client with the cutest kids.

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I forgot to mention that the cake was designed to match the baby's birthday hat, which was pink with gold polka dots and mint green ball trim. The mom had a flag banner with the baby's name for the high chair. She wanted the design to incorporate both items. 


So pretty :) for the sequins, did you cut gumpaste circles or did you use the rainbow confetti? Is it airbrushed gold? I have a similar cake coming up and any help would be greatly appreciated :)


I used pastel confetti, then painted it gold with luster dust plus vodka. You need a lot of circles so cutting them out would have been a pain. I find the americolor airbrush gold has a bit of a greenish tint to it, but other brands might not. You could try airbrushing it and if you're not happy with the color, either spray or brush luster dust plus vodka on top of that. In person, the coverage on the cake looked perfect but this flash photo brought out a few spots where I could have covered more. That said, I think it must have been around 100% humidity (grrrr) when I was working on this cake and at the party, so nothing was drying nicely!